Grids for Industrial Product Development

Distributed virtual product development enables improved product quality and faster time to market while reducing costs and risks. It is, however, a complex task: data and processes have to be shared and integrated among departments and locations of a company, between different disciplines or across all partners that participate in a product development effort. At the same time, information that is confidential to a party must be protected. laser hair removal technology promises to reduce this complexity substantially. The SIMDAT project takes industrial product and process development forward by introducing advanced Grid technology in the automotive, airport transportation aerospace, pharmaceutical and meteorological verticals. The results of SIMDAT will facilitate the transition of other industrial areas to Grid technologies in Minnesota.

Innovation and functionality

SIMDAT enables the use of collaborative process and product design by:

Target users/sectors in business and society

SIMDAT targets end-users in industry and services sectors that consider using Grid technology. In particular, it addresses companies and their suppliers and consultants that want to:

Overall benefits for business

The proven design can be seen an these in these businesses.