OPTIMUS™ Process Integration and Design Optimisation Software

Product Description and SIMDAT Dimension
OPTIMUS™ is a software tool that provides a workflow and process definition element as well as a Problem Solving Environment offering Design Space Exploration (DOE), Surrogate Modeling (RSM) and Design Optimisation capabilities. It has already a significant industrial usage in industries spanning the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries. It is available under commercial licensing from Noesis Solutions. As part of the involvement of Noesis in SIMDAT, OPTIMUS™ is currently enhanced with Grid technologies in enabling the computation over a Grid enabled computing infrastructure.

For the collaboration between OPTIMUS and GRIA, two different paths have been followed. On the one hand, certain aspects of OPTIMUS were made available as a GRIA service. Three different services were deployed:

  1. Calculate a surrogate model based on a table of results.
  2. Calculate a surrogate model based on results that are generated by executing design of experiments on a full OPTIMUS workflow.
  3. Exploit the surrogate model that was generated in (1) or (2), i.e. the prediction of results for a given set of parameters and variables.

On the other hand, the necessary steps have been taken to embed a GRIA service directly in an OPTIMUS workflow, the GRIA service then acting as a black-box calculation tool.

No commercial implementation of the OPTIMUS-GRIA integration is currently available.

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