Why standards?

SIMDAT’s approach to Grid research comprises as part of  the "technology push" the introduction of interoperability standards.

What standards does SIMDAT interact with?

The SIMDAT consortium interacts with Grid and Data standards via international bodies like OGF (Open Grid Forum), W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) and via European standardisation coordination groups like GSCG and COPRAS (COoperation Platform for Research and Standards).

SIMDAT’s approach to standards

SIMDAT’s approach to standardisation is pragmatic with the stated position to track, adopt and maybe influence only those Grid Standards that are industrially relevant. SIMDAT has adopted generally established and robust Web Service standards combined with portions of Grid standards that SIMDAT considers “fit for purpose”, namely portions of DAIS for the distributed data access and JSDL for analysis services.

SIMDAT’s involvement in standardisation activities

A number of the SIMDAT partners are involved in standardisation activities. SIMDAT plans to exploit the partners’ position within the global standardisation community to ensure that the decisions behind the adoption of the SIMDAT profile are communicated to the appropriate parties.