Intel has focused on liaising with the relevant OGF standards in the Data area, in particular with the WG-DAIS working group. The OGSA-DAI package developed and maintained by the University of Edinburgh has started out as a reference implementation of the WS-DAI Grid data services; during the last years, it has established itself as the clear de-facto standard implementation of Grid-borne database access. Several SIMDAT application activities have successfully used OGSA-DAI in their prototypes, and even extended its use to drive the semantic transformations in the CAE/CAT prototype.

Intel has also taken on some responsibility in the general interaction of SIMDAT and the OGF making sure that the SIMDAT approach, results and feedback is properly represented in the various OGF meetings and discussions, and in presenting the down to earth, pragmatic approach to standardization that SIMDAT has taken as an alternative to the bloated and slow OGF approach around the OGSA architecture.