NEC Semantic Broker/Registry

Semantically enabled Service Discovery, Matchmaking, and Composition in the SIMDAT Pharma Grid
The Semantic Broker (SB) is an advanced service registry which is focused on (semi-) automatic service discovery, matchmaking, and composition. It is based on sets of standard Semantic Web and Semantic Web Service technologies. It adopts W3C OWL-DLP/OWL-DL as the standard ontology representation language to model the pharma domain knowledge, and further leverages OWL-S as the standard Web service ontology to annotate bioinformatics service features.

Contribution to SIMDAT
Within the SIMDAT project, the SB is released in two different versions in correspondence with the underlying ontology reasoning services: the first version uses the OWL/Description Logic (DL) reasoner, i.e., OWLIM/Sesame, and the alternative version uses the F-Logic/Logic Programming (LP) reasoner, i.e., OntoBroker®. In the SIMDAT pharma demonstrator of the first year, the F-Logic/LP version is used by the pharma federated portal for service discovery and matchmaking. In the demonstrator of the second year, the OWL/DL version is used by the workflow adviser for service discovery, matchmaking, and composition.

Two versions of releases are available to the project, further license conditions have to be determined.

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Jochen Fingberg
C&C Research Laboratories, NEC Europe Ltd.
Rathausallee 10
53757 Sankt Augustin