WSRF/WS-I Profile

WSRF/WS-I Profile
The purpose of the WSRF/WS-I Profile is to understand how key interoperability specifications can be used in industrial, B2B scenarios where infrastructure that can support strict but flexible export policies is critical. Interoperability between Grid infrastructures provided by different vendors is an important requirement for both end-users and application developers. End-users want to be able to dynamically discover and bind to services provided by other organisations without having to be concerned with the underlying Grid technology. Application developers want to be able to provide Problem Solving Environments at a level of abstraction that allows for interoperation between Grid technologies at the service interface without having to maintain complex adaptors.

Contribution to SIMDAT
SIMDAT is developing the WSRF/WS-I Profile to meet industrial application requirements through analysis of the specifications and concertation with the NextGRID project.

The public profile document is available and an implementation of a Service Developers Toolkit based on the profile is available free and open source (LGPL from