OntoBroker® Inference Engine and Semantic Middleware
OntoBroker® is an inference engine which can read the ontologies and process the logic represented within. As semantic middleware it possesses an open framework for linking data sources (databases, document management systems etc.) and for access through applications (Web services, PHP, ZOPE, Java etc.). OntoBroker® supports current semantic languages, among them: W3C Standards RDF and OWL, as well as logic-based ontology languages such as F-Logic. It is capable of processing complex rules in a scalable and efficient way.

Contribution to SIMDAT
Within SIMDAT OntoBroker® has been extended in order to support professional engineering applications such as CAE-systems. It has been combined with the OGSA-DAI Grid middleware to provide an information integration framework for distributed heterogeneous data sources.

OntoBroker® is available under a commercial license only.