SIMDAT Trainings

Training end-users, developers and researchers has been a major focus of SIMDAT. Several SIMDAT partners have offered and still will offer training courses on their technologies and products involving hands-on sessions on technologies developed within SIMDAT.

SIMDAT trainings address two different target groups:

  • End-users of problem solving environments (PSEs) including software administrators. The focus of the trainings will be to explain and test in hands-on sessions the specific advantages and features of Grid enabled PSEs.
  • Developers of simulation tools, PSEs and direct users of Grid technology. The focus of the trainings will be, amongst others, on operational knowledge of key Grid technologies and applications and different usage patterns and deployment scenarios.

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VisualDSS: Performing Advanced Process and Data Management Operations (Reference VTS-DS-A)
At customer's location or at ESI Group premises

The training module is dedicated for advanced end-users to be able to take benefit of the advanced features of VisualDSS enterprise solution. Customization to their own business process and product development related applications and IT environment, and implementation in a distributed environment are some of the key features of the training session. The training will be held during two days by one specialist from ESI Group.

Important note:
It is highly recommended to attend the basic training of VisualDSS (Linking CAD and CAE in Visual-Environment, Reference VTS-DS-B) prior to registering.

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at customer's location or at ESI Group premises

ESI Group

Jean-Pierre Cazeaux

Jean-Louis Duval