Auto-2: Meshing Prototype

This prototype provides solutions to a complex engineering design scenario including CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), CAD (Computer Aided Design) and external consultant engineering teams.


Transparent and secure access to distributed data bases and IT support for collaborative product design of automotives in the extended enterprise involving suppliers as well as consulting companies are still challenges for software environments. To solve these issues SIMDAT developed the Meshing Prototype.

Justification of the prototype

A key aspect of the scenario is outsourcing CAD meshing tasks to 3rd party engineering consultancy companies. The benefits of outsourcing specialist capabilities are well known (improved innovation, reduced costs, increased flexibility). In addition, automotive companies are increasingly looking to exploit the Internet and Web Services when outsourcing in collaborative design processes.

Results achieved

In this prototype significant business and technical challenges had to be tackled including:
- management and process coordination between distributed teams
- loose data integration between product (PDM) and simulation data management (SDM) systems
- integration of 3rd party suppliers
- sharing data securely with partners using the Internet and considering operational security and data risk assessments

A service-oriented infrastructure was developed to meet these challenges. COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) product data management solutions were integrated with GRIA security and management services to govern inter-domain design and simulation processes.

Lessons learned in the project

The prototype shows how supplier integration can be accelerated by coupling B2B procurement processes with automated service level agreements and dynamic trust and security.