Auto-1: CAE-CAT Prototype

The prototype has been designed to present one specific task, which can be performed by a CAE-engineer interested in finding appropriate data for the comparison report between a curve for local dynamic stiffness computed by a simulation run and a curve, which represent measured values in a physical test for the same behaviour.

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The growing competition in the automotive industry requires continuous reduction of development and innovation cycles while the demands on quality, safety and comfort are increasing. During the past years, advances in the area of CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CAT (Computer Aided Testing) technologies and processes have contributed significantly to the ability of the automotive industry to keep up with these requirements.
Today, the data resulting from the CAD-, CAE-, and CAT-processes are stored in separate databases without common interfaces. In addition, the development teams often work at distributed locations. It is due to the ongoing transition from many small manufacturers to a few large conglomerates. This transition requires the integration of previously separate teams into single virtual development teams. They need to work on common car platforms to reduce development costs. Both the SIMDAT CAD-CAE-Coupling Prototype and the CAE-CAT-Coupling Prototype want to provide solutions for these problems.

The CAE-CAT-Coupling Prototype

Justification of the prototype

Results achieved

Lessons learned in the project