Dynamic Access Control (DAC) - Software component for managing authorisations and controlling access to Grid and Web resources
The DAC software framework is designed to be a flexible authorisation management and access control system by supporting different access control models and standards such as simple ACL's (Access Control Lists) and XACML (Extensible Access Control Mark-up Language). It allows the management and enforcement of authorisations based on attributes in highly distributed and heterogeneous Grid and Web services environments. It can be deployed in many different scenarios including as integrated component of an application, in a Web Services chain (see figure) or as standalone authorisation service.

Contribution to SIMDAT
In SIMDAT the DAC component is foreseen to overcome the authorisation limitations of current authorisation systems in dynamic, distributed and highly interactive business and research collaborations. A first rudimentary prototype is available but further developments are needed in order to reach the full functionality.

The DAC prototype is available for project use. Further license conditions have to be determined.

Jochen Fingberg
C&C Research Laboratories, NEC Europe Ltd.
Rathausallee 10
53757 Sankt Augustin