LMS Tec.Manager™

Leveraging the Value of Engineering Data

Engineering data management is an important challenge for engineering departments that have mountains of engineering data coming from a multitude of different programs, in a multitude of formats, representing a huge investment in time and cost. In most organizations it is difficult to access and use this data. LMS Tec.Manager™, a data organizer for engineering data management, clears the afore mentioned bottlenecks allowing to access and use any data from any location. All-inclusive data access enables collaboration: information can easily be shared between design, CAE and test teams; between R&D, development and production facilities; and between OEM's and suppliers.

Contribution to SIMDAT
Through the involvement in SIMDAT Tec.Manager™ is enabled as a Web service through an OGSA-DAI™ layer. It has integration points with OntoBroker® and MSC SimManager™.

LMS Tec.Manager™ is available through commercial licensing.

Robrecht Belis
Product Manager
LMS International
Phone: +32 16 384 633

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