VisualDSS is an open environment which enables companies to:

VisualDSS bridges the gap between CAD and CAE by facilitating the creation of CAE models while keeping the link to the CAD data coming from the PDM system. It enables composing and synchronizing CAE assemblies for different disciplines, as well as adding meshes and connection data.
VisualDSS features also a data persistency environment, which gathers simulation data from the different applications used in the entire simulation lifecycle. It allows you to capture, store and reuse the enterprise knowledge and best practices.
VisualDSS  has a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which allows flexible enterprise deployment, by integrating easily within your IT and data architecture. It can be linked easily to standard or corporate databases, as well as PLM systems.

Current version v 4.0. Commercial release 4.5 available in July 08.

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