Virtual Global Information System Centre

Following the requirements of the World Meteorological Organisation Information System (WIS), the partners of the meteorology activity within SIMDAT have developed a Grid-enabled software that provides a generic and distributed access to any data repository, through a series of nodes organised in a meshed network. Each node is providing access to data held in one or more data repositories, and is providing cataloguing services base of the WMO core profile of the ISO19115 metadata standard. All catalogues are fully synchronised and all data available throughout the network can be discovered and retrieved from any of the Web portals associated with each node. Security, user registration and data policies are managed through a virtual organisation. Although the software was designed for a accessing and exchanging meteorological data, it is sufficiently generic to be used for any application that require data discovery and access to distributed heterogeneous data repositories in a secure fashion.

Contribution to SIMDAT
Data replication and catalogue synchronisation.

SIMDAT technologies used
OGSA-DAI and AODV routing for mesh networks.

The software is currently under development, and the latest version is 0.9. Developments versions are available for test and evaluation under a time limited licence of one year. The final release will be made available under an Open Source licence.


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