Integrated Grid Infrastructure

A Grid infrastructure is a distributed system building on Web Services that supports management and security of long-lived, resource-intensive activities, which may require the combined resources of multiple service providers, and may involve sharing of these resources between users from different organisations. The Grid and Web Services brands have now converged under the banner of service oriented architectures and infrastructures. Grids of this nature can be found in sectors such as engineering, finance, life sciences, media production and healthcare, and may involve a wide range of assets such as data sources, storage, applications and processing.

Goals and Achievements

SIMDAT’s objective was to drive the adoption of Grid technology for industrial product design. SIMDAT achievements include:

Role in SIMDAT

SIMDAT’s Grid infrastructure is based on GRIA, a secure middleware designed to support B2B collaborations through service provision across organisational boundaries. GRIA has now been adopted by the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical application sectors. The prototypes in each sector continue to exploit the advanced security and manage delivered by SIMDAT. A summary of the prototypes is given in below:

The results of this technology can be found under Grid Solution Portfolio at Core, Service Management, Execution Management and Information.