Integration of Analysis Services

The SIMDAT analysis services execute a simulation, pre- or post-processing step, a data analysis, or knowledge-mining task on a set of processors. As part of SIMDAT a standard interface towards these analysis services has been developed, which is based on Web Services.

Goals and Achievements

As solutions available in the SIMDAT project, we can refer to following four reference implementations coming from Aerospace, Automotive and Pharmaceutical application activities:

As technological basis for the solutions mentioned above, the following components play important roles in the project:

Role in SIMDAT

Analysis services constitute an essential contribution to the prototypes in Aerospace, Automotive and Pharmaceutical application activities. Based on the SIMDAT technologies they provide an analysis code encapsulated as a service in the grid environment. This way, the analysis code can be made accessible for every participant in the virtual organisation, who is doing analysis of scientific and industrial problems.

The results of this technology can be found under Grid Solution Portfolio at Analysis Services.