Knowledge Discovery Services

Knowledge Discovery or Data Mining is the partially automated process of extracting patterns or models from usually large databases. It has proven to be a promising approach for enhancing the intelligence of systems and services. The linkage between machine learning, statistics, and database technology leads to increasing cross-fertilization and sophistication in data analysis. Prompted by the growth of web applications, in the last years the scope of Knowledge Discovery has been enlarged to handle more complex data types. Application areas of data mining range from bioinformatics to media, business and engineering. 

Workflows for textmining services

Goals and Achievements

Role in SIMDAT

Grid-enabled Weka has been integrated into the Automotive prototype.
The IAIS textmining services have been integrated into the Pharma Portal.

The results of this technology can be found under Grid Solution Portfolio at InforSense Workflow Repository, DoE Services, RMS Services, Grid-enabled Weka, and Metadata Extraction Service.