Metadata Extraction Service

Metadata Extraction Service for NVH Simulations in a Distributed SimManager Environment

SCAI's metadata extraction service collects the distributed NVH data from SimManager sites at Audi (Ingolstadt) and MSC.Software (Munich). Using a Java-API provided by MSC.Software, the service queries for the states of the two remote repositories and starts a disassembly task on demand for those input decks never have been disassembled before. SCAI's disassembly tool have already being integrated as service in SimManager, all metadata produced by the tool are stored within SimManager.

The metadata extraction service exports the available metadata of the selected input decks of both SimManager instances and stored them in an intermediate database at SCAI. It provides a graphical user interface based on Ajax to display the results of the remote queries and to monitor the process of collecting metadata.
The intermediate database is the source for the following data mining workflow. It provides web services for Inforsense's KDE workflow manager to fetch the data and to store the results.

Under development

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