LMS Tec.Manager, Leveraging the Value of Engineering Data

Product Description and SIMDAT Dimension
Engineering data management is an important challenge for engineering departments that have mountains of engineering data coming from a multitude of different programs, in a multitude of formats, representing a huge investment in time and cost. In most organizations is difficult to access and use this data. LMS Tec.Manager, a data organizer for engineering data management, clears the afore mentioned bottlenecks allowing to access and use any data from any location. All-inclusive data access enables collaboration: information can easily be shared between design, CAE and test teams; between R&D, development and production facilities; and between OEMs and suppliers. Tec.Manager is available through commercial licensing. Through the involvement in SIMDAT Tec.Manager is enabled as a WebService through an OGSA-DAI layer.

Contribution to SIMDAT
LMS Tec.Manager has been deployed as an engineering data management service, used in the automotive activity as a search engine and as a data store; the Tec.Manager OGSADAI services have been integrated in the GRIA framework.

A Grid-enabled prototype of LMS Tec.Manager has been successfully demonstrated.

The GRIA module of LMS Tec.Manager is not yet commercially available.

Robrecht Belis
Product Manager
LMS International
phone: +32 16 384 633

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