Pharmaceutical Grid Implementation

A Pharmaceutical B2B Grid-based enabled service between GSK and Inpharmatica

In making it easier for Pharmaceutical companies to request services from external suppliers they are able to leveraging in-house vs. in-sourced solutions. Thus Grid-related technologies are a preferred option. Inpharmatica in collaboration with GSK, using the SIMDAT technical platform, has published a service to provide aggregate and detailed annotation of protein data. This includes similarity based on structure, ligand binding sites and sequence annotation. The service is deployed using GRIA as key part of SIMDATís technical Grid platform that allows for managed and secure transactions. The resulting XML format enables Inforsenseís KDE components to execute relevant parts of the service thus allowing for complex B2B workflows that seem transparent to the user.

Dr. SeŠn I. O'Donoghue
[email protected]