Distributed data access to operational meteorological data centres

Marta Gutierrez (ECMWF) presented the Virtual Global Information System Centre (VGISC).

Following the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization Information System (WIS) the partners of the meteorology activity within SIMDAT (ECMWF, Deutscher Wetterdienst , The UK Met office, EUMETSAT and Meteo France) have developed a grid enabled software that provides a generic distributed access to any data repository.

Starting from the functional requirements of the forthcoming World Meteorological Organisation Information System (WIS), VGISC provides cost-effective and user-friendly services that will facilitate operational activities amongst meteorological centres. VGISC offers a uniform view of a wide range of meteorological systems that integrate a variety of data from distributed locations providing secure, reliable and convenient access via the Internet. It is targeted towards operational Meteorological Centres and research communities in the domains of meteorology, hydrology and the environment.

Catalogue Synchronisation (each site has a copy of the global catalogue)

Download presentation: PDF (3,7 MB)