Pharmaceutical workflows with SIMDAT technologies

Moustafa Ghanem (InforSense) presentation focussed on the impact of Grid technology in the life science sector as realised in the implementation of an industrial strength pharmaceutical workflow across a Grid test-bed comprised of both academic and industrial partners.

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The current Business-to-Academia prototype Grid prototype employs all infrastructure elements required to establish trusted relationships between academic and industrial partners. The infrastructure allows an academic service provider to accept outsourcing of high value applications or databases from a research group in order to give controlled and managed access to this application for other partners, both academic and industrial. The underlying model guarantees the preservation of intellectual property rights among the partners.

Business to Academia Prototype (B2A)

The benefit of SIMDAT for pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) in business or academic environments lies in supplying a Framework for Service Consumption and Relationship Management. In the area of Service Consumption specialised software granularity is accompanied by data and algorithm services, an accounting and consumption model, stratified information, an open service market and choreography to orchestration.

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