MSC SimManager Training

Target users: Members of consulting companies working in simulation services or simulation departments, team and project leaders in simulation and testing departments, administrators of IT departments in engineering companies
Leading partner: MSC
Attendees: MSC customers, MSC integration partners, MSC internals

The focus of the training was on understanding the concepts of simulation data (and process) management, data models, and integration of (3rd party) CAE tools.

The training was well received. Some participants stated that more examples and explanations of complex topics could be helpful for future trainings.

The main deviation from the original plans was that originally a training was planned in Munich during April. Because of the number of applications from France this training was moved to Paris and conducted in May.

The training took place 3 times: two times in Munich with 30 participants and once in Paris with 10 participants.

Download agenda: PDF

Announcement of MSC SimManager training on MSC's web pages