Concepts for CAE-CAT-Integration for Engineers

Target users: Simulation and test engineers, team and project leaders in simulation and testing departments, administrators of IT departments of engineering companies
Leading partner: MSC/Audi
SIMDAT partners involved: LMS International/Noesis, ontoprise, IT Innovation

The focus of this workshop was on introducing concepts for the integration of heterogeneous systems, using a CAE and CAT data management system as example. The focus of the conducted session at Audi in Ingolstadt (6 participants) was on end-users.

Specific advertising was made to the affected user groups interested in CAE-CAT correlation, resulting in a very good workshop with Audi key-users.

The main deviation from the original plan was that the CAT data management system covered was Audiís DWS system, not LMS Tec.Manager as originally planned, as the users wanted to see their day-to-day working environment as concrete example in the workshop.