Process Integration Workflow Definition with the Use of Web-Services

Target users: For product development engineers and engineering analysts
Leading partner: LMS/NOESIS

The training event was focused on two main aspects: The use of simulation-based workflows for Grid-enabled applications and the role that Grid-based applications (especially automotive) can have in modern industry contexts.

The attendees have successfully got an overview of the main capabilities of distributed workflows, understood the potentialities that SIMDAT technologies and application demos have in the industrial context, especially for the automotive field.

Given the different background of the participants (8 part., more industry and less academia) the approach has been more towards  applications, although examples of how the academic world can benefit from these technologies have been given as well.

The training took place once at LMS in Leuven, with 8 participants.


  • Agenda: PDF
  • Presentation: PDF (5,67 MB)