Semantic Mediation of Heterogeneous Sources

Target users: End-users in the covered use case industry
Leading partner: ontoprise

Participants were taught in semantic mediation of heterogeneous sources in distributed environments (based on engineering data models), in detail the theory and development of ontologies and their application of mediation of heterogeneous data sources.

The feedback of the attendees was positive in general, but not very specific. It proved to be right to simplify the ontology to address a broader audience. As the automotive use case comprised some very domain specific terms, the complexity of the ontology was reduced and only the better known terms were kept.

At the end of the training, all attendees were able to create mappings between heterogeneous models autonomously. As a result of the partner training days before, many of the attendees were even able to develop very complex mapping and transition rules directly in F-Logic, that extends the expressivity of the graphical user interface.

The training took place 3 times in Karlsruhe, with 8 participants each.