VisualDSS Performing Advanced Process and Data Management Operations

Training announcement

Target users: Advanced end-users, PLM/CAE administrators (previous experience in Visual Environment suite of applications, basic experience in python programming, and have some knowledge on VisualDSS, ideally by following the Basic VisualDSS training session needed)
Leading partner: ESI Group

The training module is dedicated for advanced end-users to be able to take benefit of the advanced features of VisualDSS enterprise solution. Customization to their own business process and product development related applications and IT environment, and implementation in a distributed environment are some of the key features of the training session. The training will be held during two days by one specialist from ESI Group.

ESI Group training catalogue (Reference VTS-DS-A)
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Important note
It is highly recommended to attend the basic training VisualDSS: Collaboration and Simulation Data Management (Reference VTS-DS-B) prior to registering.

Date and venue
Upon customer's request, at customer's location or at ESI Group premises

ESI Group

Jean-Pierre Cazeaux

Jean-Louis Duval

Feedback on already conducted training sessions

Two training events have taken place at ESI in France (4 participants) and Renault Samsung Motors in Korea (7 participants). The participants showed high interest and considered the training being very helpful. New sessions will most likely take place in the next coming year as several other distributors have not been trained to VisualDSS yet.

VisualDSS is the simulation data management framework from ESI and part of the Problem Solving Environments (PSEs) mentioned in the SIMDAT Grid solution portfolio.

The training stressed the collaboration and customisation capabilities of VisualDSS, in particular the interaction with external applications or services made possible by its SOA architecture.