Grid-based workflow technology

Target users: Scientists/engineers from the Pharma, Automotive and Aerospace industry tasked with designing and using workflow-based applications, system architects and developers tasked with implementing workflow-based applications
Leading partner: InforSense
SIMDAT partner involved: NEC

The training provided an overview of workflow concepts, languages and systems and how they can be interfaced to Grid technology.

It provided detailed examples of these concepts based on examples that used InforSense KDE as a workflow system, GRIA as the Grid middleware and the NEC Semantic Broker for service matchmaking. It also provided application examples from the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

The feedback from the industrial and research attendees was extremely positive and has resulted in two other projects (ARGUGRID and BRIDGE) installing and using the workflow systems successfully. For the industrial partners, the course provided them with the basic introduction to use the software at the workflow demonstrator at SIMDAT.

Due to the little demand for the first session on March 3rd only the second session on May 12th took place. Those who wanted to attend the first session also attended the second session at InforSense in London (10 participants).

Download agenda: PDF