CAE CAT Integration Demonstrator

The CAE-CAT Integration Demonstrator aims at fulfilling the increasing demand of automotive engineers to correlate data from simulation with data from physical test. The demonstrator shows how SIMDAT can help to overcome the current engineering problem that data resulting from simulation and test processes are stored in separate data management systems with heterogeneous data models and without common interfaces, which makes data correlation a tedious and error-prone task. The CAE-CAT integration demonstrator developed by the SIMDAT Automotive Activity partners AUDI AG, MSC.Software and ontoprise GmbH integrates this heterogeneous data from CAE and CAT via ontologies with SIMDAT Grid technologies ensuring secure communication. While SIMDAT Grid technologies ensure the seamless access of remote data sources the use of semantic technologies assures the seamless integration of heterogeneous data models. The demonstrator has successfully proven the value-add of the combination of the two technologies.

The CAE-CAT Integration Demonstrator has been sucessfully implemented at AUDI AG. The feedback by Audi key-users: 'Most of the benefits can not be measured in numbers. Summing up the CAE-CAT integration delivers time savings of about half a man-hour per test that is used in a CAE-CAT comparison. In a conventional car project there are many but a variable number of tests. The estimation of simulation engineers is an average of 300 per year only in crash disciplines like structure crash, occupant safety, head impact and pedestrian safety. Thus a saving of 150 man-hours per year per car project would be a realistic number.' Deliverable D15.4.1 Evaluation report on CAE-CAT Integration Demonstrator by end-user

Comparison of simulation and test data for AUDI AG sample data