Collaborative Data Management

ESI developed a demonstrator integrating the SIMDAT meshing service. The generation of meshes is a task that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) subcontract to external low-cost resources. From VisualDSS end users can directly send meshing orders to the service provider and import the generated meshes into their product assembly. The efforts spent by the supplier on the meshing task is automatically charged onto the SLA negotiated by the OEM at the purchasing department level.

Meshing Service: GRIA based service, SLA managed Service. Client: Customized GRIA client, Visual DSS meshing request mechanism

The ESI demonstrator has been evaluated at RENAULT SAMSUNG Motors in Korea while IDESTYLE was the meshing supplier. To sum up, thanks to its data sharing and change management features, VisualDSS improves the collaboration the CAE teams on the car projects. Enhanced with the SIMDAT demonstrator, it brings even more fluidity in the generation of simulation models, which contributes to the overall productivity of the CAE department.