Web Portal for Biological and Pharmaceutical-type Services

The SIMDAT Pharma demonstrator consists of two pharma-related technologies, wEMBOSS by Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and SRS 3D from EMBL. These technologies are connected using GRIA from IT Innovation. The demonstrator implements a specific workflow of relevance to the pharma industry, and allows 3rd parties to use this workflow via a secure, managed account. In particular, the demonstrator allows users to launch wEMBOSS sequence analysis services, such as Antigenic, which predicts Antigenic regions for a target protein sequence. The demonstrator then uses EMBL’s SRS 3D to find all 3D structures that match to a given sequence. The sequence features calculated by the wEMBOSS tools are then mapped onto all similar 3D structures. All these tools are freely available and open source, making it feasible for others to reproduce the demonstrator internally.

Biobyte solutions, a small, service oriented biotech start-up, has evaluated the web portal for biological and pharmaceutical services. 'We find using GRIA according to the SIMDAT pharma demonstrator scenario to be well suited for small and medium biotech companies looking for an easy way of offering their products and services through B2B and virtual organization infrastructures. The initial setup and maintenance was very simple. The adoption of existing services and databases to GRIA was trivial as well. Finalized GRIA setup, with basic application services and integrated service provider management modules, allows us to simply manage the access to our resources and services by both existing and potential customers.' (Dr. Ivica Letunic, CEO of biobyte solutions) ...read Deliverable D15.4.3 Evaluation report on Pharmaceutical Workflow Demonstrator by end-user