Corus (Steel Product Manufacture and Modelling)

Corus is an international company, providing steel and aluminium products and services to customers worldwide. Corus RD&T has joined SIMDAT as a subcontractor to validate the applicability of the SIMDAT Grid Solution Portfolio in an additional domain. The demonstrator simulates transient cooling followed by solid state transformation to room microstructure by substituting internal heat transfer code (FEHT) with outsourced service (MARC).

Temperature contour predicted by FEHT (decoupled to phase transformation)
iSight-FD® TPM (remote MARC execution)

Deployed were the integrated Grid infrastructure GRIA by IT Innovation, Problem Solving Environment iSightFD with GRIA plugins (EADS), Analysis Services service by FhG SCAI and MSC Marc application (MSC). MARC provides support for the runtime compilation of user-supplied FORTRAN subroutines. This feature was required by Corus to enable MARC to output the temperatures file required for the subsequent step in their workflow. Answering security concerns, a  new “MARC-Temperatures” service, in addition to the standard application, was created, which could then be published as a formal output (data stager) of the MARC application.

'The use of SIMDAT Grid technologies for collaborative product design allows Corus to share design specifications and performance data required to support the collaboration in a controlled and managed way (...). By making use of spare, in-house, computational resources, Corus can make significant savings on the cost of procurement. By using out-sourced resources, Corus can avoid needing to buy costly, high-performance computing resources, which depreciate quickly. Furthermore, the increase in speed of out-sourced calculations reduces the turnaround time for simulations, improving the time-to-market of new products.' (Dr. Didier Farrugia, Corus RD&T) Deliverable 15.4.8 Evaluation report on CORUS Demonstrator by end-user