BAE Systems Internal Deployment

Demonstrator architecture

This demonstrator involves the use of two BAE Systems business units: Land Systems Munitions and Shared Services. Land Systems Munitions are responsible for the entire life-cycle of a number of land based platforms and within Shared Services one of the things the Advanced Technology Centre are responsible for producing is a range of computer simulation codes to support the wider business.

These two business units were brought together to demonstrate new ways of working. An example of the aerodynamic analysis of munitions provides a test-case for SIMDAT technologies - Land Systems Munitions engineers in Glascoed access the simulation and computing capabilities of the Advanced Technology Centre in Filton.

The demonstrator's evaluation was carried out by BAE Systems users: 'Overall the demonstrator was viewed as a success from both BAE Systems Land Systems Munitions and Shared Services business units. The SIMDAT portfolio provided a solution that enabled one side to use services offered by the other in a secure and accountable environment. Both sides are encouraged by the demonstrator and view it as a positive step forward in how we can do business.' Deliverable D15.4.5 Evaluation report on BAE Systems Internal Deployment and Assessment by end-user