Workflow deployment at GSK Bioinformatics (Target Discovery)

The workflow demonstrator has been conducted based on a pilot project at GSK where the B2A prototype has been deployed to end user scientists not already involved in the project. The demonstrator has been designed around verifying how a fully internal system of analytical tools and databases for gene sequence analysis, annotation and “Drugability” can easily be distributed across a number of organizations. The application is based on the Master Sequence Analysis Pipeline (MSAP) which is driven by the need to get high quality state of the art analysis for GSK genes of interest. The architecture of the demonstrator is based on the SIMDAT technology portfolio following a service-oriented architecture view of Grid computing.

This demonstration activity has been extremely successful in terms of deployment as well as evaluation. In total there were more than 30 personnel at GSK involved in the evaluation – scientists, informaticians, IT developers and strategists: 'Overall, the workflow demonstrator activity has generated extremely positive and valuable feedback from all users involved. The qualitative studies conducted project that this would achieve reducing the average requirements of personnel from 1 FTE (full-time equivalent) to 0.1 FTE (hours as opposed to weeks of personnel time). The workflow demonstrator activity has also been extremely successful in taking the technology to end-user scientists, informaticians and business users.' Deliverable 15.4.7 Evaluation report on Workflow Deployment at GSK (Target Discovery)

Subset of tools used in the demonstrator
Drug Discovery Pipeline