The EMBL group provides in house services for daily database updates and maintains database integration server using SRS and MRS (SRS is a product of Biowisdom Ltd., formerly LION Bioscience Ltd. and MRS was developed by the Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics, University of Nijmegen). The group works closely together with BioWisdom as part of a beta-test site agreement between EMBL and Biowisdom. This collaboration gives the EMBL group also access to all additional SRS modules. The group also maintains a text mining system (BioAlma Knowledge Server), which is open to all EMBL researchers.
The EMBL central IT department provides access to compute clusters with a total of several hundred CPU’s and has storage capacities of several TeraByte.

EMBL contributes its international experience in pharmaceutical knowledge discovery to SIMDAT. In particular, EMBL evaluates the distributed data access mechanisms developed at UKA and supports their integration with pharmaceutical knowledge mining tools such as SRS and MRS. EMBL's feedback shall help to improve the applicability of SIMDAT tools in the pharma community, as well as promote its deployment.

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