The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI) focuses on methods, applications and tools regarding numerical simulation, virtual engineering and bioinformatics. About 90 scientists work in application areas reaching from multidisciplinary optimisation in automotive design, packaging in textile industry, protein structure prediction and text mining of scientific papers to tools for multidisciplinary simulation and ultrafast sparse matrix solvers. SAMG, DIFF-CRASH and MpCCI are well-known products of SCAI in the engineering community, HTS view and FLEXX for bioinformatics problems and the AUTONESTER toolset of optimized packaging. SCAI has a long reputation in coordination and management of huge European and National funded projects.

SCAI will be in charge of the overall coordination of SIMDAT. In addition SCAI will work on knowledge mining for automotive simulation results, on the mediation of automotive simulation data bases using ontologies and on the mediation of pharma data using ontologies.

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