ontoprise GmbH is founded in 1999 as a spin-off at the Institute of Applied Informatics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2005, ontoprise employs 35 people, thereof 18 in software development and research, and is located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The ontoprise GmbH is a leading provider of semantic technologies and solutions, which support users, business processes and systems at any time with the necessary knowledge. Successful solutions on an industrial level have been developed in three application areas:

  • Search systems - to support users to quickly and easily find relevant information;
  • Semantic Integration to intelligently bring together distributed heterogeneous data sources under a unified view;
  • Advise systems to enable users to get answers to questions related to complex problems of their domain.

The company has established a solid base of customers, partners and research institutions and thus builds a unique network of know-how in regards to semantic technologies. ontoprise has a strategic partnership with the Software AG, one of the leading suppliers of system software. Software AGs Enterprise Information Integrator is based on technology provided by ontoprise, namely the OntoBroker and OntoStudio. By dynamically combining the meaning and context of business data with the rules that govern its use, Enterprise Information Integrator provides the resources to support decision-making based on real-time information availability.
Within the SIMDAT project, ontoprise is a technology provider for semantic enhancements and applications in a distributed environment. In addition, ontoprise brings in the know-how and experience required to semantically describe grid components and the concepts of the domains involved. Both is needed to handle the management of distributed data sources and services on a knowledge-level.

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