Oracle is the world largest software company for corporate software and databases. Oracle is a global company, present in more than 145 countries, with a revenue up to $9.5 billion in 2003 and more than 40,000 employees. Products of Oracle are data bases - more than 200,000 customers -, tools and application software - more than 13,000 customers. Oracle recently announced to deliver a version of its data base, which supports GRID technology. Oracle has an vital interest in defining more industrially oriented version of the GRID standards jointly with other companies.

Oracle Germany is a independent company with more the 1,500 employees. It was founded in 1987 by Franz Niedermeier. The headquarter is located in Munich, Germany. We are working closely together with our developing center in Redwood City, California. One of Oracle Germany's focus is GRID technology, and it will participate in the SIMDAT project in working on the roadmap for GRID and databases. We will advice our partner with best practices in how to integrate the databases with simulation and test results. We will also use our influence in the Oracle HQ to bring the need of SIMDAT and other European customers in our database products.

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