The Faculty of Informatics was founded in 1972 as the first faculty of its kind in Germany. With its presently 1500 students, 26 professors and 180 scientific staff it has since then grown into one of the largest faculties of the university, and one of the largest informatics faculties in the nation. Its characteristic is the unparalleled broad scope of its informatics program in teaching and research, ranging all the way from computer technology and architecture to theoretical computer science, telematics, software techniques and systems, parallel and distributed systems, to applications mainly in the engineering sciences. The Faculty is thus well-prepared to continuously meet the challenges of an everexpanding body of knowledge in all these fields and to an evergrowing spectrum of informatics applications, and to provide its own significant contributions.

The peer-to-peer research group lead by Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann has a broadly acknowledged expertise in various fields of computer networks and distributed systems research. Accordingly, within SIMDAT, the University of Karlsruhe will focus on the performance and efficiency of the network related aspects of the development. It will also contribute to the design of an overall architecture that provides reliability in case of failures of individual components, robustness against attacks, and traffic obfuscation.

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