ESI Group develops and markets software for the numerical simulation of prototype and manufacturing process engineering in applied mechanics. The key to ESI Group's success is the use of realistic material physics, providing "as good as real" virtual solutions, in order to replace the lengthy trial and error processes on real prototypes. ESI Group has developed a broad range of virtual test applications. Typical examples are crash test, drop test, stamping, casting, welding, aero-dynamics, aero-acoustics, electro-magnetics and bio-mechanics. Industrial partners and clients across the world use these products to continuously improve virtual prototypes, thus gaining a major competitive advantage. In addition, these individual applications are combined to form "multi-physics" and "multi-trade" value chains creating a unique global engineering solution called the "Virtual Try-Out Space®" (VTOS®): an environment allowing for continuous design improvement and real-time collaborative decision making across the extended enterprise of the original manufacturer and its suppliers.

ESI Software has two roles in the automotive cluster of SIMDAT: supplier of client applications (mainly PAM-CRASH in the SIMDAT context), and supplier of its own integration framework, which includes databases and COMPOSER, a module to synchronize product design and simulation. The integration frame will be extended to use SIMDAT grid technology.

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