Audi as a leading and innovative car manufacturer produced in 2002 about 750.000 cars in the premium segment and employs more than 50.000 peoples all over the world. Within the VW Group especially with SEAT and together with external engineering partners the car development and production take place in a distributed environment.

In the automotive industry we are faced with growing competition and reduction of development and innovation cycles. On the other hand the demands on quality, safety and comfort are increasing. In order to develop innovative products the integration of CA activities especially CAE, CAD and CAT plays an important role. Because of different locations and distributed engineering data grids we have to solve the problems with data sharing and distributed data bases. In the automotive world the importance of data grids will grow in the future and the efficiency of the implementation will strongly influence productivity of the automotive industry. Open systems and standardised CAE, CAD and CAT data management, integrated workflow and information networks are key criteria for a competitive team work. Data mining and knowledge management tools in a distributed environment have to be developed and established.

Resulting out of this situation the leading task of Audi/SEAT as end users together with Renault is the definition and specification of the requirements for the application area automotive. After the implementation and realisation of the demands by MSC, ESI, LMS and other project partners in a demonstrator, the automotive companies have to do the testing and validation in the industrial environment.
With the support of MSC.Software Audi will undertake the co-ordination of the application area automotive.

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